Best Worm Farm Kit You Should Consider Buying [2022 Reviews]

Worms, the tiny wrangling creatures, may creep you out, but they are beneficial for your soil. 

They feed on the food craps and impart essential nutrients to your garden. But do you know you can buy habitats where worms live and flourish? 

Yes, worm farm kits are now readily available for beginners like we all once were!

Worm farm kits are generally large plastic bins (though there are some other unique styles and products) where worms decompose kitchen wastes and, in return, produce fertilizer. 

They produce castings that possess tenfold greater nutrients than standard compost. 

Companies sell worm farm kits of various designs and sizes. 

Of course, all of these products have their pros and cons, but if you are looking for the best kit, stay with us. We will discuss the best worm farm kits that will satisfy most of us vermicomposters!

Best Farm Worm Kits

The best farm worm kit is affordable and easy to manage. It contains everything that you require from a compost bin and has the following features:

  • Compact size
  • Free from leaks and odor
  • Easy maintenance
  • Economical

There is no perfect design that’s everyone’s favorite, so it’s good to buy a worm farm kit with maximum merits. 

Check out the list below to see what meets your desires and demands.

  • The Squirm Firm Worm Factory 360 Composting Bin
  • Hungry Bin Continuous Flow Worm Farm Kit
  • Tumbleweed Can-O-Worms Vermicomposter
  • VermiHut Plus 5-Tray Worm Farm Kit / Compost Bin
  • Quest Worm Compost Kit 

Now let’s see each worm farm kit in detail:

  1. The Squirm Firm Worm Factory 360

The Squirm Firm Worm Factory 360 is a kit that comes with no expiry date. 

It has a simple design with four stackable trays (expandable up to 8 trays) and meshed bottoms. 

However, the infographic magnet is its coolest part. It gives you an idea of what food scraps worms prefer to eat.

You need to fill the kit with food scraps and worms. 

As the worms start reproducing and making large colonies, you can add more trays in the squirm firm worm factory 360. 

Once the worms decompose the food, they move up into the next tray. 

You can collect the compost monthly and use it in your flower beds, vegetable allotments or your backyard. 


  • Easy to start with
  • It takes up less floor space.
  • It comes with a starter guide.


  • Overfilling the trays may cause your worms to escape.
  • You need to follow the instructions closely to prevent pests and foul odor.
  • The kit doesn’t come with worms, bedding, or food.
  1. Hungry Bin Continuous Flow Worm Farm Kit

The Hungry Bin uses 5 to 15% recycled plastic material for its design. It has good capacity and composts up to 4 pounds of food scraps per day. 

The conical-shaped bin sits on the movable metal casing. Its unique design allows you to draw nutrient-rich castings and liquid quickly. 

Moreover, you don’t need to stir or mix the compost as there is a continuous flow through the bin. As a result, the nutrient-rich castings and fluid can quickly be drained. 

It works best if placed at a moderate temperature where earthworms thrive well.


  • Sturdy
  • No leakage or odor
  • Portable
  • Fast and clean


  • Not a tray system
  • Open drain tray attracts flies.
  • Expensive
  1. Tumbleweed Can-O-Worms Vermicomposter

If you are looking for a compact composter, Tumbleweed Can-O-Worms is what you need. 

It can easily fit in a small kitchen. 

It has two large round trays and a fly-proof ventilated cover. 

In addition, it allows you to change the food scraps layers with its swappable tray system. 

It is suitable for you if you have a small family as it recycles around 3 to 4 kilograms of food waste in a week. 

The drip-free tap in the Tumbleweed kit allows easy drainage. 

And the multilayer system makes it aerated, which is good for farm worms.


  • You can easily collect the compost, free from food scraps.
  • The tray system is easy to handle.
  • The multilayer system makes it well ventilated.


  • Too small
  • The plastic kit cannot tolerate excessive heat and wind.
  • The tap may leak if not installed properly.
  1. VermiHut Plus 5-Tray Worm Farm Kit / Compost Bin

The VermiHut Plus is an easy kit to establish a worm farm. It comes with five trays, but you can always add more.  

It has remarkable capacity yet takes very little space. You can get rid of about 5 pounds of kitchen scraps in a day. 

This worm composter has a special M-board that increases the airflow, thus setting an environment where your worms love to grow. 

Moreover, it includes the ant-trappers in the corners, which guard against pest invasion.


  • It does not consume much space.
  • Good worm holding capacity at less price


  • Worms may escape.
  • Plastic may get eroded with time.
  • The instruction manual is hard to follow.
  1. Quest Worm Compost Kit 

The quest worm compost kit is attractive – its bright green color makes it a good choice for someone looking for equipment to enhance their garden’s look.

It consists of 4 trays and a strong base. The ventilated worm farm kit helps keep foul odor at bay, so you can easily place it in your kitchen if you want to.  

The nutrient-rich compost collects at the bottom so you can access the compost free from any worms or food scraps.


  • Beautiful design
  • Free from odor
  • Easily managed
  • No leakage


  • Product images can be misleading.

Which Worm Farm Kit Should You Buy?

We listed several worm farm kits, so you might be thinking about which one to purchase. 

Well, it depends on your preferences and budget. The best among the bests is what suits your demands and budget.

But if you ask us, we would go for The Squirm Firm Worm Factory 360. 

The kit is no doubt a bit expensive but produces good quality compost. 

Moreover, it has a vast capacity but compact size, so it takes up minimum space for maximum bang for your buck.

If you have purchased any of these worm farm kits, share your experience in the comment section.