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Phillip Mann

Phillip is an avid researcher of worms and a massive vermicomposting buff. Most fascinated by what earthworms eat and how to farm and breed them, as well as using their castings to grow his own plants, fruits and veg. It’s not all about that worm-life for Phillip though, as he is also a big time coffee connoisseur (and loves feeding his used coffee grounds back to his Wormmy friends!)


Mert G

Mert is from the UK and our content creator at Wormmy. He makes our content look pretty and easy to read for you. With a background in video editing and social media, he wasn’t initially a fan of worms but we’ve converted him. Like everyone else, he’s now a fan of our slithering friends and is trying his hand with a starter worm bin. By the time you read this, he’ll probably have moved out to the middle of nowhere and own a huge worm farm where he lives off the land…

aaron author

Aaron Chong

Aaron lives in Malaysia and loves to travel. He lives in Skudai, Johor and has a cute stray cat. He is also a graduate of Biotechnology, with a particular interest in earthworms and has been experimenting with worm bins and vermicomposting for years. As the owner of multiple websites, his main job is in digital marketing.