Are Trolli Gummy Worms Gluten Free? (Answered!)

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We all know how much kids love gummies and even us adults go crazy for them too.

Gummy worms are highly popular, and they’re one of the top-selling candies. But the question is, are Trolli gummy worms gluten-free?


  • Trolli Gummy Worms are made with ingredients that do not contain gluten, however they are manufactured in facilities that also manufacture other gluten containing products. This means that there is a risk of contamination.

If you’re sensitive to gluten, it can be an issue to consume it. If you suffer from Celiac disease, that’s an even more serious matter and can cause severe issues (as anyone who suffers can tell you!).

If you’re following a strict gluten-free diet and are curious about Trolli gummy worms, let’s take a more in-depth look at whether this brand and candy (and their other offerings) is completely gluten free and some alternatives.

Are Trolli Gummy Worms Manufactured in a Gluten Free Environment?

If your body reacts to specific products and ingredients, it’s essential that you know about how they’re packed.

Knowing how they’re manufactured before you consume them can help you avoid various health complications.

Trolli gummy worms are manufactured in an allergen free facility with strict standards. But there’s a slight issue.

They are produced in a facility that processes several other ingredients and can contain traces of wheat, soy protein, or milk (more on how this affects you a bit further down).

The main ingredients used are:

  • corn syrup
  • modified food starch (corn starch, which is gluten free in this form)
  • fumaric acid
  • gelatin
  • citric acid
  • lactic acid
  • artificial and natural flavors

These ingredients in isolation don’t pose a threat and are not associated with gluten.

So, you’d think it may be safe to say that you can Trolli gummi bears or gummy worms a try..but it’s risky.

On the other hand, since all these gummies are manufactured in one facility, cross-contamination can cause a problem to the particularly sensitive among us to gluten.

As you may have read on some labels that it can contain traces of wheat, and this ingredient is often associated with gluten.

Hence, although famous for their unique taste, it’s unfortunate that those with extreme gluten intolerance should avoid these candies.

Are Trolli Sour Brite Bites Gluten Free?

No, Trolli Sour Brite bites are not gluten free, since they contain ingredients that contain gluten. These chewy bites contain ingredients like wheat flour, and food starch, the main sources of gluten. Hence, they are not safe if you’re gluten intolerant.

Also, if you have celiac disease, these ingredients containing gluten can trigger your immune system, and you’re more prone to an allergy or symptoms of the disease.

So, to be safe, it’s best that you read the labels carefully to verify.

For all the sour candy lovers out there, we’re sad to say that Trolli sour brite bites are not gluten free.

But on the bright side, several other gluten free Trolli gummy candies are safe, and you can try them.

Are All Trolli Gummies Gluten-Free?

No. Not all Trolli gummies are gluten free.

Some gummies contain ingredients that are gluten.

For example, Sour Brite Bites are not gluten free gummy candies (not to be confused with Trolli Twisted Sour Brite Crawlers which are but are manufactured on shared equipment thT processes wheat flour and other wheat products)

Also, manufacturing practices may change with time.

Hence, be cautious and read the nutrition label on whichever gummies you’re craving and thinking of consuming, especially if you’re celiac.

Trolli Gummy Worms Frequently Asked Questions

In our research, we found these related questions were the most commonly asked around this topic online, on forums and on social media.

We’ve answered them all below:

Are Trolli Gummy Worms Dairy Free?

Thankfully, these colorful and tasty gummy worms are 100% dairy free.

If you’re lactose intolerant or a vegan, you will have been wondering if Trolli gummy worms are dairy free.

Those with lactose intolerance need not be concerned about getting an upset stomach.

But, these gummy worms are not considered vegan friendly, as they contain animal-derived ingredients like gelatin.

Hence, they should not be consumed if you’re a vegan.

If you want more details on which Trolli candies are vegan-friendly, check our ultimate guide, are Trolli gummy worms vegan?

Dairy is one standard product that’s present in some candies, so be sure to check labels.

You may also want to know what kind of gelatin they use and are Trolli gummy worms Halal? We show you your options.

Are All Gummies Gluten-Free?

There are tons of brands that produce gummy bears, and all of them are not gluten-free.

Of course, it’s not entirely possible to keep track of them all, but being wise, you should check the nutritional information and read it before purchasing them.

One thing you should remember is that gluten is often found in candies, depending on your sweet treat of choice.

If you follow a gluten-free diet, some gummies might not be safe for you as they can sometimes contain what flour, which contains gluten, so be sure to check.

gummy worms in bowl with illustrated person wondering if gluten free

The chief ingredients in gummies are corn syrup or glucose syrup (processed from wheat but gluten free (1), gelatin, sugar, modified food starch, and artificial flavors which are all gluten free.

Of course, some brands produce gluten-free gummies, but the drawback is that they also use different ingredients for other candies.

In this case, cross-contamination can occur as these gummies might have come in contact with other gummies containing gluten during the manufacturing process.

Hence, you should be aware if you’re following a strict gluten-free diet or are celiac.

It would be best if you look for a gluten-free label to ensure that there’s less than 20 ppm.

20 ppm (parts per million) is the legal standard for gluten-free products in the US and is considered safe for people with celiac disease.

What Sour Gummy Worms Are Gluten-Free?

As much as gluten is found in gummies, there’s also a long list of gluten-free gummy worms that you might want to try.


  • Sour Crunchy Crawlers
  • Sour Brite Crawlers Watermelon
  • Crunchy Crawlers

Surf Sweets

  • Sour Worms

Sour Patch

  • Sour Patch Kids Big Kids Soft & Chewy Candy
  • Sour Patch Kids Just Blue Raspberry


  • Chocolate Caramel Candy Corn
  • Caramel Apple Candy Corn
  • Gummi Candy Corn


  • Milk Chocolate Gummi Bears


  • Dark Chocolate Candy

Generic Candy

For the below recommendations, be sure to check the individual labels of each brand before consumption as we can’t reasonably check every brand:

  • Jelly Beans (specifically Jelly Belly brand)
  • Hot Tamales
  • Sugar Babies
  • Candy Canes (Safe brands: Bob’s, Jelly Belly, Starburst, Lifesavers)
  • Hershey’s Special Dark Kisses
  • Laffy Taffy Rope and Laffy Taffy Stretchy
  • Sour berry bears
  • Gummy Swirls
  • Chocolate halloween shapes
  • Halloween jelly beans


Trolli gummy worms and their other gummies not only taste good, but they’re also trendy among kids.

They are gluten free but not manufactured in a gluten-free facility.

However, the concern is that gluten poses a serious threat, especially for celiac sufferers and you should always check the packaging before purchasing and decide if the fact many of these gummies are manufactured in facilities that share equipment with gluten containing products is worth the risk.

Also, thankfully, some manufacturers have invested their time in manufacturing gluten-free gummies.

If you’re a candy lover there are ample options for you to choose from.