How Much Safeguard Horse Wormer to Give a Dog? (IS IT SAFE?)

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Dog owners often are in a fix when their pet’s gut health is concerned.

Pet owners may need to administer dewormers to their dogs themselves to help get rid of worms from their guts. But oftentimes, dog wormers aren’t accessible to some owners, so what to do? Horse dewormer can sometimes save the day!

In the case of dogs, gut issues and worms can lead to issues like excessive drooling, dehydration, diarrhea, or worse health issues, depending on the worm.

In many cases, intestinal worms are the reason behind these issues.

Some horse wormers, like Safeguard, work just as well, if not better than dog wormers.

But the question remains – how much Safeguard Horse Wormer should you give a dog?

The effective dose of Safeguard Horse Wormer is 1cc per four pounds in weight for canines for three consecutive days. For example, if your dog weighs 76 pounds, you need to give them 19 cc of the wormer.

There are different ways to administer it as well – paste and liquid; In this article, we discuss all the possible ways to administer the Safeguard Horse Wormer to work on a dog’s gut health.

Note: always consult the vet for the recommendation and advice that will be best for your canine.

How Much Safeguard Horse Wormer Do You Give a Dog?

Safeguard Horse Wormer is supposed to be administered depending on the weight of the pet dog you own.

Safeguard Wormer is actually designed for horses and the active ingredient is Fenbendazole.

So if you are thinking of administering it to a dog, you need to alter the dosage to a canine dose. But how much fenbendazole is an adult dogs dose?

As discussed earlier, this dose would be 1cc per four pounds in weight for canines for three consecutive days

For horses, the Safeguard wormer should be administered at 2.3 mg per pound of body weight.

Since Equines differ from Canines, it would be wise to also take a vet’s opinion before administering the horse dewormer but it’s generally safe for most dogs in the proper dosage.

You can opt for either the Safeguard Paste or the liquid form.

How to Deworm Your Dog with Safe-Guard?

The best way to administer the Safeguard dewormer would be to directly mix the recommended dosage with the food that you give your dog.

Make sure that your canine eats all of the medicated food.

Sometimes, dog food is too dry – moisten the food a little so that you can mix them together well.

The key here is to make sure all of the food is ingested by your dog.

It indicates that the dosage will have been effectively consumed in a full measure.

Your canine should take this dosage for three consecutive days to get rid of his gut issues and worms.

How to Administer Liquid Safe-Guard to Dogs?

The Safe Guard liquid dewormer form of Safeguard Horse wormer is very effective, as is the paste.

Some people actually prefer the liquid form of this wormer over the paste form.

It is easy to administer and works equally well.

You can inject this Fenbendazole suspension into your dog’s mouth directly.

If that appears difficult, you can mix some amount of the suspension in your dog’s food.

Mixing the suspension with dog food is better since it will require no extra effort with your canine. You can also disguise it in a tasty treat.

You can also mix the recommended dose of the wormer suspension in water for easier intake by your canine.

However, you have to shortly feed them either before or after the medication.

How to Administer the Paste form of Safe-Guard to Dogs?

The best way to administer the Safeguard Horse Wormer paste to dogs is to mix them with moistened dog food.

Since most dog foods are very dry, ensure you moisten the food a little so that the paste mixes well and doesn’t lump up in one place.

Again, weighing your canine before subjecting them to this medication is essential so you can match the correct weight with your dog weight.

Excessive dosage without weighing them beforehand may result in too much wormer and bigger issues like toxicity and even death.

Be sure to check dosage instructions carefully so you can administer the correct dosage.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Dewormer Use on Dogs

Below are the most commonly asked questions we’ve found when it comes to using horse dewormers on dog breeds and whether it is effective and safe.

We answer your most common questions about the use of this horse dewormer instead of dog wormers below:

What is in

Are Horse Dewormers Safe For Use on Dogs?

Most Horse dewormers are quite safe to be used on dogs.

However, some dewormers should not be given to puppies under six weeks of age, so be sure of your dog’s age.

Also, if your canine has any other sickness, be sure to consult a vet before administering horse dewormers on them. 

Normally, a lot of people discourage using horse dewormers on dogs.

Horse dewormers are formulated especially for horses; however, they are relatively safe to be used for multiple dogs.

Again, follow the product or the veterinarian’s dosage instructions to administer the correct dose and contact a veterinarian immediately if you accidently go over the recommended daily dose.

Can I Use Panacur Equine Dewormer as an Alternative For My Dog?

Panacur Equine Dewormer is quite safe to give to dogs. In the absence of dog dewormers, it is a very good alternative to treat your canine with.

Panacur contains fenbendazole as its active ingredient, which is used in a lot of dewormer formulas.

Administer the dosage according to the weight of your canine by mixing it with their food.

How Much Panacur Equine Dewormer Do I Give My Dog?

Like other dewormers, Panacur dosage also depends on the weight of your canine.

There are three options you can go for depending on your pet’s weight.


1 gram dosage if your dog’s weight ranges anywhere between 1-10 pounds

2 grams if they weigh between 11-20 pounds.

For dogs who weigh more than 20 pounds, 4 grams of the medication is an effective dose.[table]

Considerations and Safety Concerns About Using Fenbendazole on Dogs

Fenbendazole is quite safe for use in dogs.

It is also safe to use in puppies over 6 weeks old and pregnant dogs as well.

The Safeguard active ingredient, Fenbendazole is also FDA-approved and is safe to use on many small and large animals besides dogs and horses, too.

However, in some cases, sensitive dogs or small dogs might salivate a little too much and might suffer from vomiting and diarrhea due to this medication.


Safeguard Horse Wormer is a perfectly safe formulated medication to give your dog.

It is safe to use in many small animals as well.

In the absence of a specific dog dewormer, Safeguard Horse Wormer is a good alternative.

The proper way to administer it is by weighing the canine and administering 1 cc of medication per 4 pounds of weight.

Pet owners can also inject the liquid suspension into their dogs’ mouths or mix it with dog food- an easier method.

For people owning many dogs or looking after a large kennel, it is also very cost-effective to use this medication.

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